Basic Modelling in Autodesk 3ds max

Basic animation in Autodesk 3ds max                 

Making a Tyre in Autodesk 3ds max

Car Crash Tutorial in less then 1 hour


                       3ds max 2013 mCloth Balloon behavior Tutorial


                     Making an Earthquake in Autodesk 3ds max


                                      Waterfall tutorial with 3ds max  


                                     Organic UVmapping in Autodesk 3ds max

       Texturing a human head Zbrush, Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds max

                3d Photoreal Leaf Fake, SSS material 3ds max and Mental ray


                             Sparks and lightning in 3ds max


                                        Thor tornado sequence remake


                  PFTrack Matchmoving + Maya Fluids smoke tutorial


                                             Stargate Kawoosh Part01


                                          Sargate Kawoosh Part02


                                  Fumefx Chocolate Liguid simulation


                                  RayFire Planet Implosion-Explosion

RayFire Introduction