Basic Modelling in Autodesk 3ds max

Basic animation in Autodesk 3ds max                 

Making a Tyre in Autodesk 3ds max

First part of building the rocket tutorial Autodesk 3ds max

Second part of the tutorial building a rocket inside Autodesk 3ds max

Intro into upcoming tutorials with Autodesk 3ds max

 3rd part Texturing the rocket Autodesk 3ds max

Riging a Hand using classic 3ds max bone tools

                               4th part of the rocket tutorial

5th part of the tutorial particle Flow and Fumefx

        7th part Composing passes of rocket 

                                       6th part of the tutorial Advanced Fumefx Sims





                  1st part of the Series 2 making a crusher from Battleship

Intro to second series of tutorials

                                                    2nd part of the Series 2

3rd part of the Series


                                                           4th part of the Series 2

5th part of the Series 2

6th part of the Series 2

Intro to Series 3

                                                        1st Part of Series 3


                                                     2st Part of Series 3


                                                  3rd part of Series 3